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La Jolla Real Estate Sales Market is still on the way up in 92037 Zip Code

La Jolla Windnsea 92037

Great News:
After a Market High in 2005 and a 6 year decline,
Real Estate has the first signs of recovery and continuous climb back up.

Volume Up
Price Point Up
Foreclosures Down
Interest Rates Down
Inventory Down 

See Attached PDF Sales sheet

La Jolla Real Estate SalesJan – May 2012

Sales for May – 69

Foreclosures (REO) for May – 3

SFH Sales for May  –  31
Condo Sales for May – 34

2012 Total
Total Sales for the year  –  285

Total Sales over 1.5 Mil  –  72Total Sales over 2 Mil     –  37Total Sales over 3 Mil     –  13

Total Sales over 5 Mil     –   2
Comparative Stats are for First Five Months of Each Year

Median SFH 2012  –  $1,476,000Median SFH 2011  –  $1,340,000 Median SFH 2010  –  $1,324,000

Median SFH 2009  –  $1,470,000

Median SFH Sale Price 2005 – $1,750,000

Median SFH Sale Price 2000 –      $855,000Median SFH Sale Price 1995 –     $488,000
 Gary Giffin, Middleton & Associates Real Estate in La Jolla zip code 92037.
website, or San Diego Coastal Real Estate at

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