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La Jolla Children’s Pool Lifeguard Station Remodel Moves Forward

Plans for La Jolla Children’s Pool Lifeguard Station Remodel Moves Forward

After a long wait, the plans for remodelling the Lifeguard Station of the Children’s Pool in La Jolla have been given the go-ahead by the La Jolla Parks and Beaches Committee. Not only that, the proposed schedule for the project has been accelerated to compensate for the city’s summer construction moratorium, along with the harbor seal pupping season starting December 15 and ending May 15.

The committee also put forward the proposal made by landscape architect Jim Neri and committee member Phyllis Minick to create a subcommittee for improving the Children’s Pool plaza walkway, which has a gazebo that stands over the pool. It also has plans of standing apart from the La Jolla Town Council and turn into an independent non-profit organization.

The city’s Engineering and Capital Projects Department engineer, Jihad Sleiman said, “We have conceptual plans approved and at hand to replace the existing lifeguard station built in the mid-‘60s: It’s small, old, deteriorated and no longer serves the needs of lifeguards or the public and has been condemned. What we’re going to replace it with is a brand new, state-of-the-art lifeguard station with two observation towers, street-level floor plan, a first-aid station and public restrooms on the lower floor with showers, sinks and drinking fountains.”

Sleiman also said that the new station can be accessed from street level down to the lower-level restrooms, and will also allow vehicular access so that cleaning and maintenance will be easy and assured. The size of the vehicles that can pass, though, hasn’t been determined yet.

The project will be done on a design-build plan, wherein both designer and contractor will work on it at the same time. However, a key problem is still the amount of time each year that the project can be done, what with the moratorium and the seal pupping season. This leaves only 3 to 4 months per year that work on the project can continue, while Sleiman estimates about 14 months of work will be needed in total.

In the end, more recommendations are being put forward by the committee and they are pushing for work on the project to go on full speed and at a bigger scope, which will ultimately benefit all La Jolla homes in the area.

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